Sérsniðið FETNT SKJÁN af glansandi og sléttu asetati Bridal Satin [veldu valkosti fyrir verð]

Fitted Bottom Sheet of Superslick Acetate Bridal Satin. Only 100% Acetate has this super slick feeling that is unique to acetate satin. Custom made for a perfect fit for your mattress. Deeper mattresses and Sizes vary in price. Acetate sheets are center seamed. For Adjustable beds, we strongly suggest you add to the fitted bottom sheet: Anchor-Tite Corners, plus Wing Design at sides to allow room to flex. Please note that acetate is not a truly washable satin. Usable life can vary especially with the bottom sheet and pillowcases. Discounts are not applicable to custom-made orders. Click on images to view Colors Please allow 2-3 weeks to ship.

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